[There was a video here]

This past weekend, all New Yorkers were in grave danger of being shot by rampaging gunmen driven wild by the melodic tunes of the West Indian Day Parade. (Sarcasm. This is sarcasm.) The NYPD did its part to keep us safe, by manhandling various black political officials.

Jumaane D. Williams, a New York City Councilman, and Kirsten John Foy, an senior aide to public advocate Bill De Blasio, were handcuffed and detained by NYPD officers, who were apparently unconvinced that the two were, in fact, allowed to walk on a certain sidewalk, which they had been given permission to use by another police officer earlier, who apparently knew who they were. Foy was thrown to the ground, which can be seen on the delightful video above.

The STUNNING TWIST to this story: both men are black. And Williams even has dreadlocks. So. Oldest Story In The Book goes here.