Louisiana Sen. David Vitter is one of the members of Congress who's been bragging in the last few days about not attending President Obama's speech tonight — in his case, to hold a football-watching party at his house. But it probably wasn't a good idea to broadcast his lame flouting of congressional tradition! Because Sen. Harry Reid heard him, and now it appears that little David will have to stay in Washington after all.

Vitter, a former Rhodes Scholar whose Senate career has consisted of having constant sex with prostitutes and then trying to repair his image by sending irritating, pandering press releases about nothing for extremely short-term political gain, all the time, thought he'd found a sly opportunity to please his Louisiana constituency by pledging to skip out on work for an evening to host a New Orleans Saints party. Harry Reid's office got wind of this and issued a statement calling it "a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party when a Republican senator is whining about having to show a modicum of respect to the President of the United States, and do the job his constituents hired him – and are paying him – to do."

But churning out a run-of-the-mill press release wasn't all Harry Reid did! From the Washington Post:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) has scheduled a vote for Thursday to proceed on a measure related to the country's debt – a can't-miss vote for most members.

The timing of the vote? Right after Obama's 7 p.m. jobs speech.

Reid's move means that the few Senate Republicans who had planned to skip town Thursday night are now reconsidering their options.

Vitter responded with this semi-legible whine to his constituents:

"Typical Harry Reid," Vitter wrote to supporters in a message with the subject line, "More Scheduling Hijinks." "He's now scheduled votes that should've been held this morning for right before and right AFTER prez's speech. Pens in those who would have skipped speech, like me. So now I'll miss my own Saints game party at home. Always knew Harry was a Dirty Birds fan! Don't worry - only strengthens my Who Dat resolve. On to the Super Bowl!"

The lesson here: For everybody's sake, including his own, David Vitter should just keep his mouth shut.

[Image of David Vitter's wife judging him for having constant sex with prostitutes via AP]