Ooh la la! Joe Jonas, previously chaste member of the purity ring-wearing boy group The Jonas Brothers, has gone and Timberlaked — striking it out on his own as a singer and releasing a sexxxy, sex-filled new sex video. Or music video, whatever.

Observe (at bottom) as he cavorts around gay Paris with his lovely lady by his side. And then look as the middle Jonas (older brother Kevin is hitched, younger brother Nick is likely locked somewhere in John Travolta's basement) gets all freaky-like with the girl back at their sun-splashed flat. There's even a sorta naked scene! Joe says neither he nor the beard model were actually naked, but pish! And the tub scene isn't even the sexiest; there's lots of leg groping and tumbling around in bed and oh my stars, what would Walt Disney say? ("Fuck on, children!" is my guess, actually.)

Anyway, this is all to say that it seems that lil' Joe J. has thrown his purity ring into the Seine because who the hell cares. The only way for an ex-boy bander white boy to make a go of a solo career is to sex and R&B it up, so here's Joe Jonas, taking a stab. And a stab. And another stab. Just in and out, in and out, 'til he arrives.

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