Meet Larry Dominick, Town President of Cicero, Ill., former home of Al Capone. (That's Larry in the striped shirt above.) Larry—like several of his predecessors—is in some trouble with the law. The woman who used to run the town's animal shelter has accused him of sexual harassment.

Sharon Starzyk, the accuser, was asked by the FBI to make a recording of Dominick asking her to perjure herself over a separate sexual harassment claim. She was later fired—because of "mismanagement" at Waggin' Tails, the animal shelter, according to town officials; or, according to Starzyk, in retaliation. So she filed her own, very juicy sexual harassment suit. Some highlights, from the Chicago Sun-Times:

  • "Dominick said before his current marriage he would go over to Starzyk's house 'play with her dog and eat there and once in a while whatever came up sexually.' He also acknowledged he may have sent her a birthday card in 2005, signed 'Love, Sammy.' 'That is my dog,' Dominick explained in his deposition."
  • "Starzyk alleged in court papers Dominick repeatedly groped her or touched her inappropriately and sent her text messages in which he suggested she should perform oral sex on a black man - using a racial slur - or engage in a threesome with two of Dominick's friends - an unlicensed plumber in his late 50s, and the Cicero town collector, Fran Reitz." [Ed. note: Is there anything less sexy than the idea of a threesome with "an unlicensed plumber in his 50s and the Cicero town collector"? We submit that, no, there is not.]
  • "She described how she, Dominick and his secretary drove to an animal rescue site in early 2009, and what happened after Dominick's secretary got out of the car. Dominick 'turned around and grabbed a breast, passed some gas, got out of the car. And I just sat in there, this is it. I'm done. I am absolutely done. It's never going to stop,' Starzyk said."

Dominick has already gotten in trouble for politically-motivated firing in the case of a town handyman who was awarded $650,000 by a federal jury. The FBI isn't commenting on the tape it asked Starzyk to make, but the Sun-Times writes that "federal investigators continue to show an interest in the town and its government." As do we! As do we.

[Chicago Sun-Times via Fark; image via The Town of Cicero]