Hey everyone, why sit there and slog through television's biggest night on your own when you can enjoy it with the wit and humor of a bunch of strangers on the internet! Jump into the conversation about the 63rd Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards here, and we'll make fun of the celebs, celebrate victories, and just generally talk smack about everything until the show is over.

We're going to start at 7pm by picking on people as they walk the red carpet and we'll start with the show at 8pm until it's over (by the grace of god that will be 11pm). To join the fun, just go in the the comments section below and click "Start a New Thread" to say something about what you're seeing on TV. Other readers will as well and it will be like watching TV in the same room as hundreds of smart and funny people all at once! Be sure to refresh the page (or just click the "All" button) to refresh the comments so you can see the new comments and the replies to your old ones. It will be more fun than a Dinah Shore weekend with Jane Lynch!

Speaking of her, she's hosting the show, so let's save our jokes about her for the comments. See you guys down there, and let's make this a night to remember.

[Image via AP]