Remember the "15 minute rule" in college where if a professor wasn't there 15 minutes after class was supposed to start, you were allowed to leave? Well, some students at University of Pennsylvania got the extreme version of that, when their class was canceled because the professor died.

But it's not like he died that afternoon, he died over the summer and no one in the administration thought to cancel the dearly departed Dr. Henry Teune's political science lecture. Damn, tenure is a hell of a thing!

Eventually the administration sent out an email to the enrolled students telling them the class was canceled due to death. They got the email while they were waiting in the classroom. Yup, they bought the books, showed up for class, and BAM, your Blackberry goes off with the news that the very guy you're waiting for is dead and now you have the afternoon to go back to your dorm and think about your own mortality. That's the worst part of this story—you can't even go out and party after you get the news and be all, "Whoo-hoo class is canceled! Pack the bowl!" A guy actually died.

[Image via Shutterstock]