If you live in New York City and are wondering why your commute was messed up, besides the fact that it's always messed up, check out these pictures from WPIX's James Ford. That's right! A sinkhole!

And before you bust out your "Was Chris Christie visiting?" jokes, here's the real story of what happened: Vigo the Carpathian came back. No, no, it was just a 95-year-old water main that burst on 106th Street, creating a huge, impromptu whitewater rafting adventure park (see video) that flowed down Central Park West and flooding several subway stations—causing shutdowns on the A, B, C and D after electricity had to be turned off.

We'll let a witness explain what it was like:

"And boom!" a witness who goes by the name Cowboy told PIX11 News. "It was an explosion, definitely."

Thanks, Cowboy! We eagerly await the dozens of iPhone recordings of subway fistfights between stressed-out passengers that should hit YouTube over the next few hours, as well as what should be about six weeks of "residual delays."

[MyUpperWest, DNAInfo; images via James Ford]