For a brief period in the 90s—before 9/11, before the global economic collapse, before endless wars in the Middle East—it was fashionable to "care" about the environment. (You could still get laid wearing a World Wildlife Fund t-shirt, in other words.) Now? I mean, yeah, the environment... eh.

All that aforementioned stuff happened, you know, and video games are much more time-consuming these days, and we're just like, yeah we still support the environment, but we don't really have time to be messing with the environment, you know? I think the moose can take care of the environment like they always have, anyhow. And we, the American poors, can't afford to be spending extra money on "green" products, or to buy anything "eco-friendly" at all, because that crap is probably fake. And now, not only do we care less about the environment—in a new survey, "only 33% said the environment is 'very serious and should be a priority for everyone' this year, down from 39% last year and 46% in 2007"—we also care less about whether corporations are lying to us about the environment. Tell em, Ad Age:

And declining skepticism about corporate motives and environmental claims make it a good time to talk about corporate environmental responsibility, he said.

"There's a thawing in attitudes toward greenwashing," he said. "There's also a realization from consumers, given the economy, that [companies] can only do so much."

Let me tell you about our corporate social responsibility here at Gawker Media: we can only do so much. What do you want from us? I mean, look at the economy. The moose will be fine. The moose can take care of their own... you're not even listening to me any more, are you?

Apathy! Apathy! Three cheers for whatever.

[Ad Age. Photo: Dan Century/ Flickr]