Hey there! Um, so, I don't want to interrupt your breakfast or morning calisthenics or anything, but I was wondering if you could help me out with something. I'm trying figure out which one of these guys has the most memorable mugshot.

As for who they are: From left to right, they're Nicholas Fiumetto, Andy Huynh, and Nicholas Kalscheuer—three 19-year-olds from Covina, California who are accused of trying to steal 30 cans of delicious Tecate beer from a grocery store called the Baja Ranch Market, and kind of failing miserably at it. Like, Fiumetto made it out of the store with his beer and got into the getaway car, right? But Kalsheuer got caught by a store employee, and then Huynh—who was driving the getaway car—crashed into a curb. Which wouldn't have been too too terrible, except that a Baja Ranch employee had been clutching onto the hood of the car at the time of the crash, and, like, flew off and suffered some injuries. Huynh and Fiumetto jumped out of the car and fled, but Huynh left his wallet in the car, and Fiumetto ran into a car wash and got soaked. Now they're charged with various felonies.

So, back to the mugshots: Any ideas? I'm kind of going with Kalscheuer's, because his sadsack facial expression evokes pity. But Huynh's is also good because he seems a bit shocked by the whole experience, a little "oops, what have I just done?" Surely we can all relate to that sentiment, though perhaps for doing things that don't involve stealing shitty beer from supermarkets (for example, breaking Grandma's favorite capodimonte vase during a wild dancing fit, or dropping the freshly baked pizza on the kitchen floor—you've always been so klutzy!).

Fiumetto's mugshot, on the other hand, is kind of—well, it just doesn't speak to me, you know? But maybe you have a different opinion.

[NBC. Images Covina Police Department via NBC]