[There was a video here]

Kim Delaney, of NYPD Blue and Army Wives "fame", was giving a "speech" at the National Constitution Center to honor former defense secretary Robert Gates yesterday. Well, she showed up looking a mess and barely making sense while she tried to read the speech off a teleprompter. Oh, and it was on live TV.

Yes, the ABC affiliate in Philly was airing the event (God knows why, but thank God they did!) so she will never be able to live down the shame. My favorite bit is at the beginning when she looks to the side and says, "This is my job," like there's someone offstage trying to prevent her from going on obviously out of her right mind (drunk? stoned? crazy? all three? none of the above?) but she's not having any of it. Oh, Kim Delaney, now this is going to be the first line of your obit, not your five-year tenure on a Lifetime Television for Women drama.