Remember how Kate Winslet had to escape from Richard Branson's private Virgin Island after it caught ablaze during Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene? Well, it appears that the blaze was caused by all the hot hot passion between Winslet and Branson's nephew, Ned, who was also on the scene.

According to Us, Winslet had actually brought along her "model beau"—plus her ex-husband—for that fateful and fiery visit to Branson's Necker Island. But the model-man must have underperformed, because she and Ned—who changed his lackluster birth name of Ned Abel Smith to Ned Rocknroll—are supposedly shacked up somewhere in the English countryside at this very moment. Hopefully they took their fire extinguishers.

Even though Ned's only two years younger than Winslet, a source describes him as her "boy toy." When your last name is Rocknroll, nobody wants to take you seriously.

[US. Image via AP]