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Here's a trailer for Big Miracle, a true-life story of a bunch of people who got together to save some whales. Because everybody loves whales. In fact, the movie used to be called Everybody Loves Whales.

That was a much better title, actually. Big Miracle sounds like a Martin Lawrence movie about Big Momma starting a church or something. But oh well, what's a title, really.

The movie deals with Operation Breakthrough, the 1988 initiative to save three whales that were trapped under Arctic ice in Alaska. Everyone pitched in, even those accursed Soviets, and everyone felt good. Now John Krasinski, Drew Barrymore, and her He's Just Not That Into You director Ken Kwapis have teamed up to retell us the tale, with some romance and light comedy thrown in. They're joined by Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, Tim Blake Nelson, Dylan McDermott Mulroney, and the great Stephen Root. Good cast. Good movie?

Sure, what the hell. I mean He's Just Not That Into You is the kind of movie that Indiana Jones would tell you not to look at lest your face melt like Belloq's, but whales are nice, and also everybody loves Drew Barrymore, so if you're going to see one sea mammal feel-good movie in the 2011-2012 movie season, I say make it this one rather than Dolphin Tale.