Here's a plastic-surgery protip: Before you go under the knife for a breast implant repaire, make sure you've made it clear with your surgeon that you want to stick with the pair, instead of the combination "uniboob."

You may also want to let her know that you would prefer she not undertake an unauthorized nip/tuck on your eyelids while you're knocked out, since you enjoy being able to close your eyes. Because, well, some plastic surgeons are kind of... bad at it:

After going into surgery for a simple repair of her breast implants, Dinora Rodriguez, 40, awoke from the procedure to find that her plastic surgeon had left her with conjoined breasts – a uniboob, essentially. Without her knowledge or permission, the surgeon had also nip/tucked her eyelids, leaving Rodriguez with eyes that to this day cannot close all the way.


The doctor in question was licensed to practice as a plastic surgeon in California, where Rodriguez lives, but she was not board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

[There was a video here]

Rodriguez found her doctor through a friend, and didn't check to see what her past surgeries had looked like. (Not good.) It's not all bad, though! Now she's the face of a new campaign from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that attempts to scare people off of getting plastic surgery from doctors who aren't certified by that state's board of plastic surgery. (It is a nakedly self-interested goal, but, on the other hand, our podiatrist would probably not do a great job at rhinoplasty.)

In any event, the message is clear: Don't go to plastic surgeons recommended by your friends. Especially if your friends have one enormous boob across their chests.

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