The frenzy surrounding college admissions has reached fraudulent levels. A college kid has been arrested for allegedly helping at least six students at a Long Island high school cheat on their SATs.

Everyone knows that to get your kid into college these days you've got to hire the college counselor, the resume ghost-writer and the SAT ghost-taker. 19-year-old Emory University Sam Eshaghoff (above) is accused of passing himself off as students at Great Neck North High and taking their SATs, earning between $1,500 and $2,500. He's been charged with "scheming to defraud, criminal impersonation and other charges." Six of the students he allegedly helped have been charged with misdemeanors as well.

The scheme was uncovered when teachers noticed that dumb kids were scoring really well on their SATs, according to WABC. Seems like Eshaghoff forgot the main strategy of the cheater: Put a few wrong answers in, just to put off suspicions.

So, this should play out in a horrifying mess of rich parents snitching and counter-snitching on their kids' classmates in the hopes of getting a better deal for their own precious spawn. Kids, parents: state school really isn't all that bad!