It turns out you can unite liberal and conservative members of Congress. Just bring up Facebook! The co-chairs of the Congressional Privacy Caucus — a Republican from Texas and a Dem from Massachusetts — have teamed up to write a letter pushing the FTC to investigate the social network.

The conspicuously bi-partisan duo are concerned about Facebook's stubborn cookies of eternal stalking, and wrote in a letter to the Federal Trade Commission chairman that "when users log out of Facebook, they are under the impression that Facebook is no longer monitoring their activities. We believe this impression should be reality." So a legislative body that cannot agree on whether to help citizens climb out of the worst financial collapse in 80 years or whether to take care of sick people still manages the consensus that log out should mean fucking log out. Sounds like that new Facebook PAC has its work cut out for it.

[Photo of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg via AP]