Recently the California Department of Motor Vehicles released a list of 100 vanity plates they rejected as part of their efforts to keep California classy. Not to be outdone, Florida's DMV has released its own list of banned plates—and it's way more scatological and private-partcentric than California's.

Highlights from the Sunshine State's rejects pile, with explanations and potential alternate meanings:

  • BDASVET (either "Bad Ass Vet" or an homage to a desolate Russian fishing village )
  • IPASGAS (either "I Pass Gas" or an homage to a desolate Spanish fishing village)
  • BIG TURD (term of endearment for family patriarchs in some communities)
  • HALE NO (Revolutionary War history hater)
  • HOOKER (someone who just takes pride in their job)
  • FOR PLAY (should be "four play," actually)
  • DRGNASS (dragon ass)
  • I-FARTED (Mac user)
  • COW-PADY (pronounced "cow-PUH-dee")
  • BUTUGLY (pronounced "BUH-tuh-glee")
  • PQRN STAR (sexy fan of fake chicken patties)
  • BUELSHT (enemy of Liv Tyler's mom, Bebe Buell)
  • ILUVSEX (promotes some sort of medication, too advertisey)

The legacy of these and other banned plates lives on in this Sun-Sentinel photo gallery. You won't find HOT COP or BIG NSTY in there, because those plates were approved.

Maybe by the time you reach retirement age and move into your double-wide on the outskirts of Tampa, the DMV will have relaxed its rules somewhat, and you can claim HOOKER or BIG TURD as your own.