With falling stock prices, debit-card users flipping out about the company's plan to steal $5 from them every month, and a brand-new lawsuit on their hot little hands, the devil worshipers at Bank of America aren't too thrilled about reporters talking to their customers right now. But journalists must report on the news, and so the Arkansas correspondent for the New York Times stopped by a branch in Fayetteville to get some customer feedback on the bank's latest thieving scheme. B of A did not appreciate that very much.

According to the Times, the reporter was "booted from the sidewalk" for "soliciting" customers, as though he or she had been trying to sell subscriptions or candy bars to raise money for the Clear Air Fund or, God forbid, sexual favors.

Maybe the bank shouldn't have worried too much about what opinions the reporter's work might have unearthed. In discussing the new $5 fees, one B of A apologist told the paper that "I guess banks have expenses like everyone else." A true statement.

[NYT. Image via Getty]