A Florida woman faces a charge of battery causing bodily harm after breaking the eleventh commandment: Thou shalt not throw thy Bible at thy son's girlfriend. She is literally a Bible beater.

And also a bauble beater, because the fight erupted once she suspected the girlfriend of breaking the seventh commandment—"thou shall not steal my boyfriend's mother's jewelry." The Northwest Florida Daily News reports that she used the Bible to smite the girlfriend in the eye, causing a bleeding wound. The son, who witnessed the conflict, seemingly did nothing to stop it. Perhaps he was being attacked by locusts and got distracted.

The Bible seems to address situations like these in Exodus 21:26, which says: "If a man strikes his servant's eye, or his maid's eye, and destroys it, he shall let him go free for his eye's sake." Because the girlfriend's eye was only injured and not destroyed, she should still be on the hook for the missing jewelry.

[NWFDN. Image Mrbill/Flickr]