Sean Parker reportedly tipped a West Hollywood waitress $5,000 this weekend. It sounds like a certain tech fameball wants to become a real star.

Parker and some friends rang up a $6,000 tab at the Beverly Club, according to RumorFix, before Parker left a tip for nearly as much for the group's lucky waitress. RumorFix, which traffics in and purports to fact check celebrity gossip, described the Napster co-founder and former Facebook president in Hollywood terms: "Justin Timberlake played the mogul in the hit movie Social Network."

And that goes a long way toward explaining why Parker, engaged to singer Alexandra Lenas, is throwing $5K at a Tinseltown cocktail waitress: He'd like it if people living amongst bona fide global celebrities knew who he was without the aid of Google and an $11,000 credit card slip. It's the same reason a guy famous for startups in Silicon Valley is also increasingly known for entertaining in his New York mansion, socializing with movie producers and famous musicians and Vanity Fair writers, serving bowls of caviars to movie stars after Coachella, and, soon, for running a full fledged personal blogging machine. Sean Parker, made famous by Justin Timberlake, would like your attention on him. What else is new?

[Pic: Parker at the e-G8 summit in May via Aaron Fulkerson/Flickr]