Finally, the definitive image of the Newt Gingrich 2012 presidential run has emerged: Callista Gingrich, sitting opposite an elephant furry, selling propaganda to children.

Indeed, Gingrich Productions has come through with the dream gift for every Real American child this merry Halloween season. Sweet Land of Liberty sees official Newt Gingrich mascot Ellis the Elephant "[travelling] through time to discover what makes America special," according to Cally. "I encourage you to read this book with your children, so they too can understand that America is truly an exceptional nation." Watch, as Ellis appears at the First Thanksgiving and somehow isn't killed by pilgrims and Indians alike for being a devil-beast. Swoon, as he travels to the moon as a stowaway. Turn away, as he gives Newt Gingrich a hummer. This truly is an elephant for the ages.

[via Politico]