Everybody say "dobry den" (that's "hello") to SuperVaclav (not to be confused with Super Vaclav, or OtherVaclav)—the Czech Republic's latest superhero, and the only one we know of whose primary superpower involves smearing dog poop on impolite dog walkers and then running away before he gets his ass kicked.

SuperVaclav says he's decided to fight against the indifference and hypocrisy in society," and apparently has developed his own version of the "broken windows" theory to get the job done. In addition to dog walkers who leave their dogs' poops behind, he's also targeting smokers at bus stops by dumping buckets of water on their heads (this one cost him a camera, after an offender who didn't enjoy the surprise bath busted it); "the smell and the noise" of cars; junkies and dealers; "unscrupulous callers"; and "urinating on every corner." Surely he'll develop some creative strategies to resolve all these problems without getting his nose broken!

Man, when we lived in Prague (a wonderful town) many years ago, we only saw people urinating in the street maybe twice. Sad to hear things have gotten so pissy over there. We blame Americanization.

Here's SuperVaclav's dog poop attack from a different angle:

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