There have been plenty of absurd tributes to Steve Jobs. But the most tone-deaf has got to be the one by Wikileaks, which last night tweeted a link to a faked copy of the former Apple CEO's positive "H.I.V. report." RIP, Steve!

Just minutes after news broke that Steve Jobs had died, Wikileaks tweeted a link to "purported Steve Jobs medical records." The link goes to a torrent file for a couple images of test results from a company called SxCheck which supposedly show Steve Jobs tested positive for HIV in 2004. They're obvious fakes—most obviously because SxCheck wasn't even founded until 2006—and even Wikileaks concludes "the images should not be taken at face value."

A lot of people thought these were newly leaked. In fact, Wikileaks posted the documents in 2008, and they've been fueling conspiracy theories about Apple and Steve Jobs ever since.

Outrage ensued, among Wikileaks' geeky supporters: "Minutes after Steve Jobs death announcement, @wikileaks tweeted link to unverified report that he had HIV. #stayclassy" wrote Twitter user Student Activism.

It is pretty awful to publicize a guy's fake HIV test right after he died! Instead, why not check out some real private documents we've got on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange: Here are his creepy love emails and a picture of a broken condom from his Swedish rape investigation.