[There was a video here]

After their massive, permitted march yesterday, a few hundred amped-up protesters staged an impromptu march on Wall Street, storming their symbolic enemy at around 8pm for the first time since the action began. Here's some video I shot.

Protesters wound their way from Occupy Wall Street's headquarters at Zuccotti Park, skirting police barriers until reaching Wall St. amid chants of "Fuck Wall Street!" They massed below fancy people on the balcony at the Cipriani then marched a few blocks down and turned around only to find police on horseback blocking their way. After a tense stand-off, the crowd funneled peacefully off Wall St. without confronting police. But soon after, a few people charged police barriers nearby, leading to a handful of arrests and a dramatic police baton beating.

Check out the lady giving the finger to the amused partiers above.