Yes, our beloved football friends may yet live. Also today: good news for an American Horror Story, bad news for an American idol, and James Bond has a new title.

  • Dry those tears, Dillon devotees. Friday Night Lights star Connie Britton has confirmed that a rumored feature film based on the show (which is based on a film, which is based on a book) is "for realsies" in the works. !!! Just imagine! Tim Riggins, on the big screen, running through meadows with Matt and kissing and stuff! That's what the movie is going to be, right? That's probably what the movie should be. Or it could be two hours of Tami humming quietly to herself while she cooks dinner or takes a walk, and I would absolutely watch that. I will watch whatever you give me, you glorious bastards. That's just the plain fact of it. For realsies. [Us]
  • Speaking of Connie Britton, her new show American Horror Story, which is either great or terrible depending on who you ask, debuted strong last night, pulling in 3.2 million pairs of eyeballs and then putting them in jars in the basement while an S&M gimp wept and masturbated in a corner and then Jessica Lange ran by in a white sheet saying "I have an Oscar, oooOOOooooOooO..." Pretty scary stuff. [EW]
  • The other day my sister and I couldn't stop laughing because I said something about Lee DeWyze and she was like "Who's that?" and I said "You know, he won American Idol two seasons ago," and she was convinced I was lying and would not believe me because she had literally never heard his name ever in her life and that seemed really funny to us so we laughed and laughed. And now I feel bad about that because he's just been dropped from RCA. Which is sad. Poor Cousin Phil :( Your aunt's gonna be so upset. Sorry for laughing, buddy. [THR]
  • Hip urban fantasists rejoice! Fox has announced plans to adapt Lev Grossman's popular novel The Magicians, about twentysomething magic folk living in New York, into a television series. Well, actually, I suppose you hip urban fantasists will actually despair at this news, because a Fox TV show?? Ugh, that's going to ruin it. Why is Hollywood always doing this? Ugh, I cannot understand why Rachel moved out there. Anyway, I have to hit up that cheese shop to pick up some halloumi before I go to Nate's dinner party, so I should get going. [Deadline]
  • So they're sloowwwwly getting around to making another James Bond movie, with Daniel Craig and everything (who would you cast as the new Bond if Craig were out? I'd say Eggs Benedict Cumberbumbles or whatever that dude is), and now they might have a name for it. That name is... Skyfall. Huh? The word "gold" is nowhere in that title! Nor is it some weird almost-saying. No, this will not work. Let's think of a new one. Die Never Again. Goldthumb. Continuum of Remorse. The Man With the Golden Continuum of Remorse. Something like that. Skyfall? You can't even tell what that's about. [THR]