The ever health-conscious French have placed ketchup on the guillotine and they aren't looking back. The beloved all-American condiment has been banned from school and college cafeterias throughout France, with one very crucial exception: when it accompanies French fries.

The ban, which went into effect earlier this week, was instituted as part of an effort to minimize sugar intake in students' diets and also protect traditional Gallic cuisine. Jacques Hazan, president of the Federation of School Pupils' and College Students' Parents Councils, called it a "victory," adding, "We can't have children eating any old thing." To further drive the point home, French children are not permitted to bring ketchup to school in lunches brought from home.

In addition to the ban, school officials have been asked to introduce more vegetables, fruits, and dairy products in all cafeterias. Which is, of course, fantastic. Children the world over should certainly be eating healthier. Of course they should! But sacre bleu, you guys, take it easy over there!

As for us Americans who will eat just any old thing, we'll continue to dump ketchup on our burgers and our eggs—and everything in between—forever. Who's with me! Vive la revolution!

[LAT, image via Shutterstock]