The Occupy DC protesters are quite a spunky bunch, as a group of them is currently trying to occupy the Hart Senate Office Building. Lock up your "good" staffers, senators, and send the crappy interns to the front line!

No but really, the police are in fact "talking about sending out instructions to have staffers stay in offices," according to TPM's Ryan J. Reilly, who also notes that "staffers in Sen. Mike Lee's office have locked their doors and have an officer placed inside." The occupation scheduled to start at 11:30 this morning.

The goal is to "shut down" the building. This could be difficult. Arrests have begun.

Are you a terrified staffer or defiant protester in the Hart Senate Office Building today? If you have any information, photos, video, whatever, please let us know:

Update: The Hart atrium has been cleared. Capitol Police confirm that they made six arrests. Here's a brief video of an arrest as things were wrapping up.

Update II: There's some confusion about who led this. The official Occupy DC group says it did not "consent" to it. Although some of its members may have attended, and used such chants as "we are the 99%," it appears that the chief organizers were Stop the Machine and October 2011.

[Image via AP]