Bank of America is raising its fees. Citibank is raising its fees. Chase destroys lives. What's a frustrated, checkbook-owning 99 percenter to do? An LA art gallery owner has a suggestion: On November 5, celebrate Bank Transfer Day and ditch your corporate bank.

Kristen Christian, the L.A.-based gallery owner who founded America's newest holiday, recommends transferring your pennies to credit unions: nonprofit that—unlike the gigantic faceless incompetent corpie banks—are locally based and member-owned, and often offer lower interest rates. Though she says she's not affiliated with Occupy Wall Street—"I just think people should make new choices," she tells Credit Union Times—she's scheduled Bank Transfer Day on Guy Fawkes' holiday, is using Fawkesian imagery to promote it, and has won the support of many Occupiers. (The credit unions also support her efforts, obvs.)

If you decide to celebrate Bank Transfer Day, but also celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, don't wear your mask to the bank! Bank tellers don't like it when customers wear masks of any sort.