Something is rotten in the state of New York. Specifically, upstate. People in the Buffalo area keep crashing their cars into buildings, and nobody can explain it.

According to a tally by local news station WVIB, about 17 cars have pummeled into storefronts since August. They even built a handy map and gallery to keep track of all of them. Amherst, NY, has started to enact regulations that would require barriers in front of restaurants to protect from careening cars.

Some of the crashes have been tragic, like when two young men were killed when a car smashed into a grocery store last Saturday, probably due to speeding. Others are pretty harmless, with a lot of people accidentally stepping on the gas instead of the brakes, like when this senior citizen drove through the window of a Wendy's.

Public radio station WBFO talked to a couple experts in storefront crashes (they exist), who confirmed the spate was out of the ordinary.

Locals are clearly a little freaked out. We've been getting nearly-daily email updates from residents on the ever-increasing number of crashes; one commenter on Buffalo's local Topix forum offers darkly, "Something is suspect about these scenarios and reasons…"

[Images via WVIB]