Zimbabwean Authorities have arrested three women for allegedly committing at least a dozen "ritualistic sex attacks" on male hitchhikers over a two-year period. For their rituals, the women reportedly collected used condoms and stashed them in "the boot of a car." Don't they have a Container Store in Zimbabwe?

Looks like the answer is no. In that case, a used coffee can would have worked, or an old shoe, or even under the couch. Lots of objects would surely hold used condoms more securely than a car would. But I digress.

After the boyfriend of one of the accused—twentysomethings Rosemary Chakwizira, Netsai Nhokwara, and Sophie Nhokwara—became involved in a fatal car accident while driving the condom car, the three women showed up to the scene and, the New Zimbabwe reports, "asked police officers to be allowed to retrieve 31 condoms—some with semen." Awkward. The request made the police suspicious, and the women plus the boyfriend were "immediately" arrested.

The correlation between the sex attacks and the condoms isn't exactly clear. Maybe these women just liked to collect used condoms for their sexual history scrapbooks, and had nothing to do with raping hitchhikers. So far there's no indication that any victims have come forward to identify the women as their assailants, though police are now hoping to begin the identification process and also test the condoms for DNA. For now, the way the press has described the women makes their arrests seem slightly witch-hunty:

Locals said they frequent a local nightclub, Uptown Nite Club, and have been known to sell cars.

One of the women, Sophie Nhokwara, has a Facebook profile in which she enters her relationship status as "divorced".

Harry Mohammed Misi, who knows the trio, said: "These women lead flashy lives and almost everyone in the city knows them.

"We are shocked with what is happening in our society where men are now being sexually-abused by women. But how can they make a living through such acts? In this case, let the law take its course."

Visiting nightclubs! Selling cars! Being divorced! Dressing up in hitting the town! How unladylike. What's more, Nhokwara's Facebook page also lists "driving around" as one of her interests. We know what that means.

The condom collection does seem a bit fishy, though. As one local said, "We want to know what they were doing with the semen." Yeah, that does seem like a question an average person might have.

[New Zimbabwe. Image via Facebook]