Young people: will they ever stop evincing their painful ignorance of life's fundamentally tragic nature? Everybody old enough to pay taxes and be killed in a foreign war should understand that what we call "life" is nothing but an endless treadmill of mind-numbing and unfulfilling work followed shortly thereafter by the loss of one's mental faculties, and death.

And yet—despite abundant evidence of unavoidable unhappiness embodied in the futility-laden lives of their very own parents—young people today are happy at work. Or so they say. The WSJ reports:

[According to a new Mercer survey,] Younger workers tend to be happier with their employers than their older counterparts-but they are also more likely to be looking for an exit...

The relative happiness of the younger workers may also be a reflection of how unhappy the older group is, says Colleen O'Neill, a senior partner at Mercer. The report defined younger employees as those under 34 years old.

It's probably just the great quantity of drugs that young people do. That won't last.

[WSJ, photo via Shutterstock]