In your mandatory Monday media column: Michael Wolff is out for good, Tweet man stops tweeting to write about Twitter, McDonald's launches its own network, a PR man jokes for accuracy, and the NYT's paywall is a success.

  • Michael Wolff is finally and officially out as editor of Adweek, just a few weeks later than we anticipated. Better late than.... no, he did fine! And he will surely "land on his feet," meaning "do whatever he wants for several months thanks to what was surely a hefty severance check." Michael, we may have a midnight-to- 4 a.m. blogging slot open if you're interested. We will now begin not talking about Adweek.
  • Andy Carvin, NPR correspondent and horrifyingly severe Twitter addict, would like to announce that he's "gonna take the week off [of Twitter]" so he can get some writing done for his upcoming book, which is about "covering the Arab Spring via social media." Good to see him finally tearing himself away from Twitter in order to take a step back and do some more long-form writing about Twitter.
  • McDonald's is launching its own in-store TV network with original content that "will include local news and entertainment features, such as spotlights on upcoming films, albums and TV shows." Did you like when they started showing ads before movies? Then you'll love the McDonald's Network! You deserve everything you get, America.
  • Ed Chen, former Bloomberg reporter and current PR guy for the Natural Resources Defense Council, has had just about enough of news organizations calling his group the National Resources Defense Council. "If the NATURAL Resources Defense Council had a nickel for every such mistake, we'd be able to match - ad for TV ad - those put up by the dirty, fossil fuel industry designed to mislead the public." Zzzzzinger! This is why you can't talk to PR people as if they were humans.
  • Despite instituting an online paywall in March, the New York Times has seen a 2.3% increase in unique online readers in the past year. Paywalls are the future so get used to it, the end.

[Photo via Eirik Solheim/Flickr]