Just five days ago we published a tacky old Bain Capital photo of Mitt Romney and his swanky private equity buddies playing with money, and wondered how long it would take for one of Romney's many enemies to put it to use, attackwise. And sure enough, guess what's included in today's widely-distributed DNC memo? Stern words for Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell! Also, the Romney photo.

DNC communications director Brad Woodhouse inserted the photo into this morning's cheeky "Preview of Today's GOP Debate" — because there is actually another debate tonight; again, that's another debate — alongside this uncharitable description of Mittens' career in the financial sector:

And of course, it's the same Mitt Romney who posed for this famous photo when he was buying up companies and laying off workers for his and his partners' profit in the private sector.

This "famous photo," meaning the one that some people have been retweeting for a whole few days! Yeah, I'd say they're excited to use this. Now it's not as funny, boo.

[Bain Capital photo via Boston.com]