It's been bad year for awesome dude Edward Forchion. Not only did his request to change his name to "" get denied (thanks, Obama), but the packages of weed he sends to NJ Governor Chris Christie aren't getting through!

Forchion told the Philadelphia Inquirer's Matt Katz that he mails a gram of weed a week to Christie plus another 14 public officials, including the state attorney general. It sounds like a winning gesture:

The dope, sent from Weedman's home in California, comes with a letter that misspells Christie's name and misstates Christie's former law enforcement job, which was U.S. Attorney. Weedman calls Christie a "fat hypocrite."

Unfortunately, Christie hasn't seen a single bud. (Or so his spokesman claims.) Too bad! Forchion could use some powerful friends for his upcoming trial over a pot bust last year—not that he doesn't have an awesome strategy:

As for the pending trial, Forchion is representing himself, as he has in the past, and he hopes to pick pothead jurors using his "pot-dar."

Never change,