Sexually obsessed tabloid persona Andrea Peyser customarily writes her column by feeding her cat large quantities of GHB-laced Fancy Feast, and then allowing it to wander over her keyboard. Still, today's is even more laughable than usual. Who would have thought that a racist white lady would lionize a black Republican? Oh, everybody!

Andrea Peyser is contractually obligated as a frothing New York Post columnist to be impressed by doddering pizza man Herman Cain. And buddy, Andrea Peyser would like to tell you: she is very impressed with Herman Cain (black guy, but nice!).

He is plain-spoken, articulate and a Tea Party conservative. And, in a state of affairs that drives the thought police nuts, Cain, 65, the Republican presidential front-runner, is also black. This makes him the biggest threat to the left since the fall of communism.

Diversity — of thought — be damned.

What? What was that last sentence? And also the one right before that? I have to admit that both of those sailed clear over my head. Let's not dwell on that! The point is that Andrea Peyser is sick of sane people pointing out that Herman Cain is not one of them.

A color-blind society does not rip a man because of his political beliefs.

This is America, isn't it?

Uh, hmm. Well, a color-blind society could indeed vocally disagree with a man because of his political beliefs, yes. Racism and political debate are two different things. Did you look this column over before you published it, Andrea? Do you even have an editor?

Oh, right. The cat. Black guy.

[NYP. Photo: AP]