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Here's a trailer for In the Land of Blood & Honey, a Bosnian War-set drama that marks the writing and directorial debut of world's most famous lips-haver, Angelina Jolie.

From this trailer the movie looks to be your typical tale of star crossed lovers on opposite sides of a conflict, here she's a Bosniak and he a Serb. Will their love survive despite their warring ideologies? I dunno. It looks like this is gonna be a sad one.

One interesting thing about the movie, besides the Jolie pedigree, is that it was filmed both in English and Serbo-Croatian. So we'll likely get the English version, while places in the Balkans and elsewhere will get the other. That Jolie took the time to do that hopefully speaks to an overall attention to realism and detail that will make the movie more than yet another wartorn melodrama. Though it is too bad that the subject of a war that's little talked about in the States these days will likely be overshadowed by the fact that it was directed by Jennifer Aniston's arch nemesis. Maybe this is all a metaphor for that particular war. Let's decide to interpret it that way! Seems only fair.