If you didn't start stockpiling canned goods when Ashton Kutcher somehow became a respected tech investor, you have another chance: Leonardo DiCaprio is now the latest pretty actor to put his money into an unprofitable startup.

DiCaprio joined a $4 million seed round for Mobli, a venture that enables people to tag mobile phone pictures with the names of nearby events, as we have all been dying to do. DiCaprio will also supposedly advise the company, thus ensuring it will in no way implode in an orgy of pointlessness, insolvency and retardation. "Mobli allows people from all over the world to share moments," the actor and resort co-owner said in a press release. A way to share moments on the internet? Sounds like an unprecedented opportunity.

[Photo of DiCaprio and fellow investor Lukas Haas and the Mobli team via Mashable]