We can blame this one on Silicon Valley, folks. The outfit San Franciscans for Jobs and Good Government, an independent group led by Silicon Valley "angel investor" Ron Conway and propped up with Sean Parker's cash, has released this take on MC Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit" to support the campaign of San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee.

It features the real MC Hammer — no expense spared! — along with Will.i.am, Giants closer Brian Wilson, ex-mayor Willie Brown, other San Francisco sports people, the dorks who run Twitter and YouTube and others, all dancing like morons because of this politician, Ed Lee.

This is the end result of some of the richest members of one of the richest areas in the country pooling their money into a political messaging vehicle. This is what they made.


My my my, music hits me so hard,
Newsom left and they put him in charge,
Thank you, for blessing me,
and the rest of the city with Mayor Ed Lee
Got us all sayin' "Run Lee Run"
Only five-foot-five but he gets (bleep) done
So tell them other candidates to find a bus pass,
Unless you ridin' with us…FEAR THE MUSTACHE!

Wheee! He has a mustache! Vote for the crook!