Color of Change, the activist group whose highly effective advertiser boycott against Glenn Beck was the beginning of the end of his tenure at Fox News, is calling on MSNBC to fire Pat Buchanan.

Why? The immediate cause is that Buchanan appeared on a "pro-White" talk radio show this weekend called "The Political Cesspool" whose host has said things like "interracial sex is white genocide." More generally, Pat Buchanan is obviously and avowedly an advocate of White Power who repeatedly writes and says things that betray his desire for a white political movement to take power and resources from ethnic minorities. Which is fine if he wants to say things like that! But it's the kind of attitude that tends to get marginalized in our political culture, on account of its being virulent and inextricably linked to a horrible and violent racist movement, as opposed to subsidized and trumpeted by massive corporations.

This will be interesting. With the success of its Glenn Beck campaign, Color of Change has a much bigger scalp than Buchanan's already under its belt. And MSNBC has already drawn a line at Don Imus' "nappy-headed ho's" comment. The question it faces is, which is worse: Making an off-the-cuff, personally offensive racist comment for which you profusely and unreservedly apologize, or repeatedly and proudly advancing the interests of a White Power movement that seeks to institutionalize a racist political regime?

An MSNBC spokesman did not immediately respond to emails.

[Photo via AP]