Here's the thing about the internet sites Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google: you do not need to read a magazine about them. For one thing, if you want to learn about them, you can simply type their address into your internet browser, and there they are, updated constantly, by the second, rather than monthly, as would be a case with a magazine. Want to know more? Why not read one of the thousands and thousands of blogs and online news sites that talk about them each and every day?

Or, you know, fuck it. Start those magazines! Keith Kelly reports:

GSG CEO Larry Genkin had earlier tried a print publication, Blogger & Podcaster, in 2007 and 2008, but it never gained traction as a print vehicle and he shut it down.

Then he hit on the social media magazine idea.

"I had to pinch myself when I realized nobody else was doing this," he said.

Wait until GSG CEO Larry Genkin finds out that he could also be the first entrepreneur to charge people admission to his "Huge Flaming Bonfire o' Money!" The ideas that nobody else is doing just keep coming!

Meanwhile, real media companies are going all-digital. Go figure.

[NYP. Photo: Shutterstock]