This smokey whitish mass of nothing obvious in particular is actually—and this is serious, guys—authentic ghost porn. Look again. See the human-shaped figures? See the outline of the lady-ghost's high-heel? Not really? You're probably not trying hard enough. Look again.

The ghosts were caught having sex in the living room of Dianna Carlisle—a Euclid, Ohio woman who has refreshingly maintained her sense of humor despite having to watch her home turn into a pleasure palace for inconsiderate, orgasm-seeking sex-ghosts. Carlisle didn't take the photo featured above—her four-year-old granddaughter did, using a cell phone. The horndog harlot ghosts had sex in front of the kid. Can we send them to ghost-jail? "I never seen anything like this," she says about the matter. "I mean, ghosts still have feelings? (They're) having sex?" Hey, wandering around all day going "booo" probably gets lonely after a while. You see a fellow traveler on the road and you take advantage of the situation. It's probably like being a salesman.

Carlisle and various family members have had other "ghost encounters" in her house, including one that actually took place via voice mail. But as long as the ghosts don't try to sex up her or any of her family members, she probably won't try to move or anything. Look at how happy she is! We want to be her friend (but not in that way, because we're not a ghost).
[Fox 8, via UPI]