You know that woman from Oregon who got naked and crawled inside a dead horse to both "feel one" with the animal and also pose for puke-inducing highly artistic photographs? The Seattle Weekly tracked her down and discovered that her project—which prompted a police investigation—was inspired by none other than Han Solo, the dashing Star Wars character. Go figure.

It's true that Harrison Ford was pretty smoking hot during his Star Wars heyday, and watching him on our twelve-foot plasma teevee always leads us to desire the warmth of his embrace. But not the warmth of his animal carcass's embrace! Yeah, we're just not on the "same page" as Jasha Lottin, the 21-year-old "aspiring model and nudist" who watched The Empire Strikes Back and, to put it mildly, had a reaction different from ours. From the police report, cited by the Weekly:

Lottin said in the movie Star Wars the character Han Solo cut open and animal with his light saber and placed Luke Skywalker inside the animal. This was due to Luke freezing to death in cold weather. Lottin said there was nothing religious about what she did and didn't intend to offend anyone.

Lottin says she has "[n]o idea why people care" about her naked dead horse photos, which seems like a disingenuous statement given that a. she reportedly posted them to the 4chan marketplace of memes herself, and b. posing naked and smiling from between folds of dead animal flesh is going to pique the "average person"'s curiosity, and it's ridiculous to suggest otherwise. Girl, you know you're seeking attention. (Not to be a jerk or anything.)

The Weekly has posted uncensored versions of Lottin's photos on its website. They are not only NSFW but also NSFDinner. They are simply NS. Of course we were in the middle of eating a plateful of pasta and sauce when we discovered the Weekly's blog post—just lucky that way—and had to unfocus our eyes to avoid unnecessarily over-traumatizing ourselves. Still, we wish Harrison Ford were here to console us.

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