When schlockmeister Brett Ratner was named director of the Oscars, we groaned. When he named Eddie Murphy host, we groaned again. Now he's hired all new writers to help with him with the show. We can't stop groaning.

It appears that Ratner has gathered together a bunch of writers who have never worked on the Oscars before. That's what you need for the world's biggest awards show: novice director, novice host, and novice writers. Great!

What they have worked on is Brett Ratner movies like Rush Hour and Tower Heist. (In theaters now! Go see it because every decision being made for the Oscars is to get you to go see this movie!) This is sort of like if you let your friend who loves bottle service clubs throw you a birthday party but then he throws it at the most annoying joint in town and only invites his loser friends that you don't want to hang out with anyway and he didn't invite cool people like Bruce Villanch. How is Bruce going to pay for his hustlers without a job writing the Oscars?!

To be fair, some of the writers have worked on things like Saturday Night Live, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Nutty Professor. OK, so that means the Oscar jokes will all be hit or miss, like they are every year.

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