In a verdict that will please every American who goes into a convenience store, a judge ruled that the FDA can't make cigarette companies put graphic and disgusting anti-smoking warnings on their packaging. Thank god.

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon ruled today that the tobacco companies would likely win a lawsuit against the FDA so they don't have to start putting the ads on their packaging. Good, cause the last thing that non-smokers want is to loose their lunch looking at the boxes behind the counter at the 7-11 when they go to get a Slim Jim and some scratch off lottery tickets. According to the judge the ads—which would take up more than half of the package and would have color photos of things ruined by smoking like lungs, throats, and Lindsay Lohan's teeth—are against the companys' free speech.

I'm less worried about the First Amendment than I am my eyes whenever I'd have to spy a pack of smokes. Those ads are just gross. I guess that's the point, but...Ew!

[Image via AP]