The freakshow oddity of Hollywood child bride Courtney Stodden and creepy actor husband Doug Hutchison has gone too far. Today, professional concern troll Dr. Drew subjected Courtney to televised breast examination. The goal: To prove scientifically whether or not her breasts are real.

In plastic stripper shoes, the hypersexualized child reclined in a dentist chair while a team of medical professionals prodded her, a grey-haired man taunted her, and a live studio audience gasped with horrified glee.

After initially mistaking a bone for a breast implant a pair of medical professionals concluded that Courtney's boobs are real. (Seriously, TV doctors? You mistook a bone for an implant? This is an abomination to modern medicine in at least eight different ways.) Please excuse me while I hang my head in shame for whatever small role I played in the making of this monster. We are all Courtney Stodden enablers today. [Dr. Drew's Lifechangers via Buzzfeed]