Florida's anthropology-hating android-governor Rick Scott, who is not cool in any way, recently stopped by the Port of Miami to hang out on a cruise ship and pretend to do somebody else's job for a few minutes, again. Rick Scott creates jobs ... for Rick Scott!

During his visit Scott briefly explored the DJ life, which means that he put on some headphones, snapped his fingers, looked confused, and clapped his hands to "I Will Survive." For his efforts he earned a professional-sounding DJ nickname, "DJ Govvy Gov," which could help him engage young voters. His disapproval ratings suggest that he could use the help.

The Broward Palm Beach New Times tells us that Scott's cruise ship visit was the fifth outing on his "Let's Get to Work" tour—an odyssey during which he's stood behind a donut shop counter, gutted fish for seafood cakes ("I had never cut the eyeballs out of a fish before"), and served nutritious breakfasts to elementary schoolchildren. Aside from "DJing," Scott spent his time at the port wearing a hard hat and a safety vest and looking at big machines. Then he went back to Tallahassee to resume his daily duties of inspiring expensive litigation and not-creating jobs.

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