Here's a screenshot taken from the website of the Herman Cain PAC, which is "Making the American ...... DREAM COME TRUE" by blogging that Cain accuser Karen Kraushaar is an "ugly," "gross" "b1tch," and that other Cain accuser Sharon Bialek is a "fat bimbo."

In the post about Kraushaar, Herman Cain PAC contributing blogger "MP"—who still might be in middle school—writes, "Ew, gross! Who the hell does this ugly b1tch think she's fooling?" and then, in reference to the photo, clarifies that Kraushaar is "the one on the left." The post about Bialek, titled "Gloria Allred has to tell fat bimbo Sharon Bialek to stop giggling at the press conference," consists of a video from Bialek's big press conference from the other day but fortunately spares us from any other commentary about her looks, weight, or sexual history.

Though several Herman Cain PAC blog readers have commented favorably on MP's analysis, many others have condemned it. "The posts by MP have to go... If this is a true Herman Cain PAC... the posts or stories by the person MP are highly HIGHLY inappropriate and not representative of Herman. Please remove them," says Elmer, whose comment you can view on the PAC's "About Us" page—which consists of a string of social media icons (apparently the Herman Cain PAC is the entire Internet). Another commenter writes, "Guys? I'm mad about the wild accusations too. But this kind of puerile stuff on a Web site that looks like it's part of Herman's official message will *not* help his image." We mention this to reiterate that not every Cain supporter is a name-calling ... well... douchebag.

Incidentally, while we were trying to write this post up for you the PAC page automatically switched to Yahoo's front page about 12 times, so perhaps the website is haunted by devils. Douchebag devils.

[Herman Cain PAC, via Buzzfeed]