The Talented Mr. Adam Wheeler—the "crypto-tendentious" literary beefcake convicted of larceny, identity theft, and fraud for scamming his way into Harvard—is back in jail for violating the terms of his probation. His mistake: repeating that old lie about being Harvard material. The Harvard Crimson reports:

Wheeler, who was sentenced to ten years probation in December, allegedly violated the condition of his probation that prohibits him from portraying himself as a Harvard student or claiming that he ever attended Harvard. Probation officer Angelo Gomez Jr. said in court today that Wheeler broke that term when he submitted a resume to U.S. Green Data, Inc. which said he had attended Harvard.

To his credit, Wheeler did attend the university for a year, it's just that he didn't "deserve" to be there (does anyone?), and most of his award-winning coursework happened to be plagiarized. As strange as it is that Wheeler's probation basically requires him to deny reality—what is he supposed to say he did that year? 'I was busy defrauding a university but I can't tell you which one'?—let's leave that existential dilemma aside for the moment.

Instead, let's look at why Adam felt compelled to drop the H-bomb. According to his lawyer, it was his "fragile" mental state and the shitty economy:

Sussman said that Wheeler felt financial pressure to pay the $45,806 restitution to Harvard ordered by the court in December and his rent after he lost his job. Wheeler had only just found a new job, performing manual labor, a week ago before he was summoned to court today for this violation.

Welcome back to the non-privileged majority, Adam. Facing up to two and a half years of jail time if found guilty of violating his probation, Wheeler is currently behind bars awaiting his next hearing.

Worst consequence for padding a resume ever. [Crimson]