The NYPD is not the most ethical, least-gun smuggling of police forces. But are they actually 4channers? An NYPD officer is under investigation after some gross pictures of a crime scene showed up on the internet's foulest message board.

According to the New York Post, "grisly photos of an apparent suicide victim and videos of suspects handcuffed to chairs," were recently spotted on 4chan, where they would have fit right in with all of the other gross stuff on there. The images were tracked to a account, which contained pictures of East Harlem officer Maribel Soriano in her uniform.

But is Soriano really an accomplished internet prankster when she's not patrolling her beat? It would explain why the NYPD uses Nazi logic to justify their big ticket-fixing scandal—they're trolling us!—but it's more likely someone hacked into her email, then uploaded the pictures. "I think someone is hijacking my personal photos," she told the Post. Maybe check her locker for a Guy Fawkes mask and tall boys of Game Fuel.

[Image via AP]