There's 74 katrillion people in New York and sometimes it seems like there is absolutely no one, especially when you start researching that great post-modern cry for romantic attention: the Craigslist "Missed Connection" ad. Where do most of these missed connections happen? In Union Square.

The Village Voice has a great interview with Ingrid Burrington who has gotten a ton of attention for her statistical analysis and geographic charting of Missed Connection ads. She found that most of them happen in the Union Square area because of the number of subways that converge there and the presence of especially cruisey Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

She also has a bunch of other great facts, like a chart explaining which subway line hosts the most fleeting moments of lust (it's the L, duh) and what sort of language people use when describing their romantic partners. So, if you're feeling particularly lonely today, avoid Union Square. Or, you know, actually go say hi to that hottie you're staring at.

[Image via Flickr]