Sacramento State psychology professor George Parrott might have an Outstanding Teacher award hanging on his wall, but such accolades don't mean jack to some of his current students, who are angry that he abandoned them for failing to bring The Snacks.

The Snacks are a critical element of Parrott's course instruction, you see. "Having these goodies in the class breaks down some of the formality and some of the rigidity in the class, which is one of the most stressful for students," he told the Sacramento Bee. He also says that snacks encourage students to "work collectively" (socialism!), "maintain glucose levels that affect mental sharpness," and "keep students from leaving class to find food." For the past 39 years or so he's enforced his snacks policy, which he announces on the first day of class and which distinguishes between "good snacks" (nutritious fruit and vegetable platters, homemade baked goods made with loving care) and "bad snacks" (high-fructose processed bullshit and packaged salty things). If the student or students on Snack Patrol fail to meet their obligation, Parrott won't teach them.

And so it came to pass that, after a student on snack duty forgot to bring anything in, Parrott left and "went to breakfast with his teaching assistant." He doesn't regret it, either, reports the Bee:

"I can understand the immediate frustration," he said. "I'm sympathetic, but I'm absolutely comfortable with the conclusion. The ethos I'm trying to promote is incredibly important. It may not be appreciated, and that's even more unfortunate. It speaks to their lack of understanding of higher education."

This guy reminds us of the public school teacher—also from California—who docked his students for blessing each other after sneezing. California teachers are implacable renegades. No wonder their education system is so successful.

Sacramento state officials say they're investigating the allegations that Professor Parrott demands snacks before he'll do his job. Maybe they'll punish him by paying him only in Chex Mix.

[Sacramento Bee, via tipster Cameron. Images via CSUS, Shutterstock]